Oracle 12c database switchover steps using OEM and blackout mode steps

This article will show Oracle 12c database switchover steps using OEM and blackout mode steps:


  • Oracle database switchover steps using OEM

Search the primary database name in the Search Target Name Textbox and the respective Standby database will get 
display to their below which I numbered as 2. If you have multiple standby database for single primary then too all standby 
database will be shown in number 2 section with their respective hostname in next field.
There is Switchover button marked will green box in below image, you have click it to begin switchover

Primary database information Page


















From above,

  1. Primary database name
  2. Standby database name
  3. Primary server hostname
  4. Standby server hostname


Now OEM will ask credentials which are set or you can enter manually by selecting 'New'but here I have used 'Named'
credentials. Below image will show the database name and hostname on which your Primary database will get switchover
,read this image information very carefully and press the continue button.

Ask for credentials


















Here it will ask for confirmation to switchover database, press yes button if you are agree

Ask for Confirmation















Your switchover is now in processing meanwhile you can read the information on page, it will be handy for 
referencing in future

Switchover Inprogress















After switchover below information will get display, this info is vice versa of image 1

From Below:

  1. Primary database name which was standby before switchover.
  2. Standby database name which was primary before switchover.

Vice-Versa Information with reference to Image 1


















  • How to put Host/databases in blackout mode from OEM

We use to put host/database in blackout mode when there is any activity on server or databases, so that any alerts will not pop-up in OEM.
For making blackout do below steps

1) Goto OEM select >> Enterprise----->Monitoring----->Blackouts
2) Click "Create" button
3) Next click on "Add" button
4) From "Target Type" select "Host"
5) In target name write hostname which you wanted to put in blackout mode, for example: test1 or test2 etc..
6) Click >> "Go" -------> select checkbox of hostname which pop-up below and press "Select"
7) Click >> "Next"------->Keep clicking "Next" upto step 5 ---->Now in 5 Step from "Duration" select "Indefinite"----> press Next

Now your Server will be in Blackout mode.....

Hope this information will help you for swictover and to put database in blackout mode, please share this info if you like it…

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