If you wanted to learn some basic concept of Oracle GOLDENGATE  this article “ORACLE GOLDEN GATE ARCHITECTURE” will help you out: Oracle GoldenGate is a tool provided by oracle for transactional data replication among oracle databases and other RDBMS tools (SQL SERVER, DB2. Etc). Its modular architecture gives you the flexibility to easily decouple or […]

Oracle RAC important questions

If you need to know more basic and some higher level things of RAC this article “Oracle RAC important questions” will help you out: What is RAC? RAC stands for Real Application cluster. It is a clustering solution from Oracle Corporation that ensures high availability of databases by providing instance failover, media failover features. What […]

About Me…

First of all, a big Thank you to everyone who landed on my blog…. I can say Oracle DBA is one of the highly stable job as DATA is a important part of every organization and they need that to be in the capable hands of a good DBA’s. You may heard the word Oracle […]

Oracle 12c database switchover steps using OEM and blackout mode steps

This article will show Oracle 12c database switchover steps using OEM and blackout mode steps:   Oracle database switchover steps using OEM Search the primary database name in the Search Target Name Textbox and the respective Standby database will get display to their below which I numbered as 2. If you have multiple standby database for […]

Scripts for finding errors Oracle/Unix

There are some ways which we can automate the things, either scripting or any realted tools. Here I have used some scripts for finding errors Oracle/Unix:   Below is the csh scripts to find out ORA- errors and get that errors triggered to your mail id: #!/bin/csh setenv MAILLIST=”” setenv EXEDIR $ORACLE_HOME/bin setenv TRIGGER_MAIL /tmp/ora_errors.log setenv […]

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